A: The dates and timings of the event can be viewed and filtered at the scientific agenda page. Access the agenda now by clicking on the button below:

A:  If you are registered, please login to the virtual platform by clicking on the login button. The login button is on the upper right corner on the navigation panel of this page.

If the problem still persists, kindly click on

Registration types are based on whether an event is fully virtual or hybrid. If the event is hybrid there will be a physical pass that provides access to the virtual platform during the event and the video-on-demand. The middle pass type will be only for the live stream and video-on-demand while the lowest pass type will be only for video-on-demand that is not accredited.

If you are not registered it is still possible to conduct online registration during the event. To do so, please click on the button below:

Please note that depending on the event, registration can be chargeable.

A: If the event is ongoing, a refund is not possible. Receiving a refund is possible up to 2 weeks prior the event. This can be done by sending an email with the refund request, the registration confirmation, and an ID copy to [email protected]

A: Please make sure you are using the correct casing when placing your password, otherwise copy and paste it from the confirmation email to the password field. If that does not work, please reach out to our “Technical Support” who will manually reset your password.

A: That is quite easy! In the background of the virtual platform, we are calculating the time a viewer spends on the live streaming page(s) and this will be automatically generated as 1 CME hours for 1 hour of viewership. We encourage viewers to keep viewing sessions to gain CME points.

The sessions will be provided as video-on-demand between 7-14 days post event as they get edited by the organizer. All registered users will receive an email once the sessions are video-on-demand ready.


Videos that are not available for on-demand means that the speaker has not provided persmission for publishing. This also applies to industry talks wherein pharma partners have the right to not publish their industry talks after the event.

Unfortunately no, CME points are not provided for viewing video-on-demand sessions. CME accreditation is applicable to those that spend time on live stream and is calculated on an hourly basis.

Video-on-demand is available until the availability date stated on your registration pass and as advertised on the official event info-website. The availability will also be stated on the video-on-demand agenda page.

Please visit the agenda page after the video-on-demand availability announcement where you can easily navigate and filter the agenda sessions. Upon clicking on “watch on-demand” next to a session a page will open. The session agenda will show along with the video that is chaptered by lectures where you can easily skip and navigate to the lecture of your choice.

A: All presentations require permission from speakers before posting for on-demand viewing. If it is not listed, we unfortunately did not receive permission from the speaker to share it.

A: Yes, most sessions will have an audience Q&A segment. Type in your question(s) during the presentation in the Q&A section on the live streaming page(s) to have your question answered during the Q&A at the end.

A: The event and its organizers do not guarantee that all questions will be answered possibility due to the number of questions and/or time limit and/or is in the sole discretion of the moderator(s) of the session.

A: The virtual platform is fully optimized for viewership on all devices. On the live streaming page(s) we highly recommend tilting your mobile device to a landscape view as it allows you a more detailed view of the sessions.

A: Google Chrome is the preferred browser for the event. Firefox and Safari are expected to be compatible with our meeting features. Internet Explorer is NOT recommended.

A: Please contact “Technical Support” who will redirect you to the faculty manager of the event and will take immediate action in supporting you.