Dr. Jihad Said Salim Inshasi

Consultant Neurologist and Professor of Neurology
Rashid Hospital
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jihad Inshasi is a Consultant Neurologist at Rashid Hospital, Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and Professor of Neurology at Dubai Medical College (DMC/DHA). He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology (FAAN). He developed and directs the MS clinic and has established the dystonia clinic at Rashid Hospital/ DHA.

Dr. Inshasi is the Head of the Scientific Committee and a Founder and a Board Member of the Emirates Neurology Society (EMINS/EMA). With the EMINS board members, he organized many neurology meetings especially in the field of MS. He is Founding Member and Former President of the Emirates League Against Epilepsy (ELAE).

Dr. Inshasi is the author or co-author of many scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals. He participated as principal/leading investigator in many phase 2, 3 & 4 drug trials and conducted many research projects particularly in the field of multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Inshasi is a member of many local, regional and international associations/societies and advisory board committees.